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Friday, October 28, 2011

CHOGM should not become 'The Comonwelth Heds of Guvunmunt Mii Ting'

As Queen Elizabeth II opened the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth, Australia amid a heavy security clampdown Friday, Her Majesty would no doubt have been happy that the multilateral organisation is still an extension of ‘Old Blighty’ and not yet a part of the New World.

Immigrants who ventured across the Atlantic in search of green pastures are today increasingly disillusioned by the culture of greed and promiscuity that has entrapped them in a cycle of poverty.

Many have lost their homes, their savings and the health benefits that would have given them the basis to build new lives.

Many of the captains of capitalism have lost out or are behind bars for their sins. Fears of a fresh wave of economic woes haunt the world.

They have waged wars against religions and killed simply because they had the weapons and the means to do so.

They have found imaginary weapons of mass destruction and plundered the resources of the poor including the best oil fields in the world.

All this has been done in the name of democracy under the guise of giving ordinary citizens the world over, their sovereignty. The people have been encouraged to turn against their cultures, their own people and their governments and to seek wealth and power instead.

Leaders of countries have been sprung from power using assisted people’s power on the basis of responsibility to protect. However, similar people’s power in the New World is being brutally suppressed as the people seek to occupy the world and re-establish norms in governance and civil life.

They are waging a war to conquer the world and ensure that the diverse cultures and peoples that nourished the world over millennia are erased and replaced with one that is decided by them for their primary benefit.

It is true that the New World was discovered by enterprising sea-farers of old. It is also true that they killed the brown-skinned natives who could not match the muskets and cannons with their bows and arrows. And farmed cattle and a six-gun culture of might is right.

It is also true that the forefathers of the New World put an end to the slavery that oppressed and robbed human beings of their dignity and designed a form of government that sought to enshrine the value of human life.

However, today they seek to propagate a multitude of new religions that have no direct relationship to any of the established religions of the world. Many of them seek to denigrate the long established faiths of the people of the world and amass wealth from the gullibility of the poor.

In a world that lacks ethical and moral leadership based on established religious principles, multilateral institutions such as the Commonwealth could help re-focus on principled norms that would guide the affairs of nations where people could live with respect and dignity, pursuing their chosen vocations and enriching the world once again with their cultures.

The soft-spoken British Monarch who despite being on the throne for over half a century continues to be a model for the world in charm and grace, can heel her own government and discipline their allies and give leadership to the Commonwealth as an organisation that truly reflects the needs and aspirations of its member countries. Thus, a day may yet dawn, when the Commonwealth stands on its own despite the dictates of powerful entities, and little boys need no longer cry aloud about the nudity of the world’s emperors.

Her Majesty would no doubt be happy to ensure that the Queen’s English will thus not be distorted to the point where in system-wide consistency it reads, “The Comonwelth Heds of Guvunmunt Mii Ting.”

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